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The first steps towards getting sober for good is starting

Getting Started on your journey to Sobriety

Everyones journey is different when it comes to quitting an addiction, and often, there never is a once size fits all approach.

On this page, we’ll list some key options broken into specific catagories to better help you burn your bridges, and navigate out of the world of addiction with ease, and help from loved ones and professional health practitioners.

Start by Reaching Out

The first critical step in getting sober is seeking help from friends, family and health care professionals. You are often your worst enemy when it comes to quitting substance abuse due to your distorted perception of what is normal.


Consult with your local health care practitioner and establish a Metal Health Plan.

This is essential towards getting assistance from a mental health professional, something that can do wonders to unlock the shackles from addiction.

Additional Resources

Social Community Groups

Establish a social community group.

This could be friends, family, and local community groups to keep you accountable and supported.


Additional Resources

When Emergency Strikes

If you are experiencing severe alcohol cravings, or are in an emergency situation, you can use the following links to help.

Important Note
If you are in a life-threatening situation Call 000 immediately.

Alert SA

Lifeline Australia

Crisis Support, Suicide Prevention & Addiction Help


Suicide Call Back Service

Online Counselling & Suicide Help

Counselling Online

Free Online Counselling

Drug & Alciohol Abuse

If you are still unsure on how to start, reach out to us below and we’ll create some guidance for you.

Where do I go from here?

Upcoming toolkit for long-term sobriety

Free addiction resources.

Stephen Brumwell

My name is Stephen Brumwell and i’m a Former Drinker, meaning, I use to drink alcohol, and now I do not. Alcohol use to be a big part of my life, and since I finally made the decision to kick it to the curb for good, I have never looked back. In this world, where alcohol is considered a social norm, ditching booze is like finding the holy grail, as if once you started, the ball and chain was shackled to your leg for good.

I am here to tell you, this isn’t true.

I have battled with alcohol addiction almost my entire adult life, and it has shaped who I am today, physically, mentally and spiritually. On one side, alcohol destroyed my life, dragged me through absolute garbage, taking hostages along the way, until the flicker of light was almost out. On the other side, it created who I am today, shaped my values, directed my purpose and made me a stronger, more resilient individual.

In my life, alcohol was a beast that sat in the background, like a deep dark beast laying dormant waiting to strike. From an early adult age, it was already slapping on my dopamine receptors, and by my late 20s, blackouts, hospital visits and time off work from 5 day drinking benders became the normal weekly routine. It took me a while to quit, and I still truely believe you have to want to quit, to quit, and an ultimatum or true “rock-bottom” moment can do this.

 My ultimatum came from multiple rock bottom benders, feeling like absolute shit countless times, depleted, and deflated. I fast-forwarded the tape in my head, I would never get married, build my own house, have a beautiful baby boy, and i’d probably be the worst nutritionist on the planet. Alcohol had to go, and towards the end of 2018, it went for good.

From here on, Clarity was born, and my eventual goal of helping others with addiction became my long-term vision in my head. , I listened to countless podcasts, while Clarity purred softly in the background, waiting for the right time.

From here on, Clarity Natural Health was born, and I shoved myself into doing consults to make peoples lives better, although, it never felt right. In the meantime, I put the wheels into motion, pulled from my previous experiences of being hungover as all hell, dived deep into the literature, and started writing a book. While Clarity Natural Health purred in the background, I was better understanding the nature of addiction, tapping away at my keyboard writing what I really wanted to do, help addicts become addictless.

At the end of 2020, The real Clarity was born, with a true vision to help people live an addiction free life, without limits.

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