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Noticing Life Shifts & Being Present to the Weaving Patterns of Destiny

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Ok, brace yourselves, this post may be a little bit more woo side of things, but bear with me. Have you ever taken the time to look back on your life, think of events that have happened, maybe things you didn’t like, and realise that perhaps that event, if not everything, happens for a reason?

In this blog post, we’re going to be discussing the weaving patterns of destiny, and how our life can almost give us cues as to when big life shifts are coming. When we are present and open to these signs, new opportunities and doors can close and open simultaneously, giving everything that happens in our life a reason.

If you stay present to your life, your life gives you signs that things are coming, and instead of completely writing them off, instead, look at them as signs that new opportunities are on the horizon.

The Weaving Patterns of Destiny

I got to thinking one day while driving home from a long day at work, having a little tougher time as usual, and feeling like my life was sort of going through a bit of an earthquake. There were more problems arising at work than solutions, the business was declining and I had a baby due in 6 weeks, I was definitely feeling the tightening vice of adulting, that’s for sure. I suddenly then began to compare this moment to other moments in my life, similar workplace situations, or just big chaotic events in general, and I realised, this has happened before.

Usually, when we go through really tough times, it can be so easy to mentally write these moments off, or consider them as a bundle of failures or wrong decisions. But after comparing my life now to events that happened in the past, it’s almost like, and here’s where it goes a little south, these moments are actually the grounds purposely shifting in our life. They’re like patterns of destiny that are weaved in the spiritual realm, one season is ending and a new one is on the horizon.

Chaos happens for a reason, preparing us for the next level to come in our life.

Life Shifts & Curve Balls

So here’s me halfway through the drive home, looking back to multiple past events in my life, even my countless times of being absolutely written off, spastic drunk, coming down from a 5-day bender, and the light-bulb hits. There have been so many really annoying, painful, frustrating, job losing events in my life, but every time, every damn time, things change suddenly for the better.

It’s like life puts you in a season, and for a while, it’s all sunshine and daisies, but over time, things start to come up. Maybe you get a new job, and it’s great, good colleagues, good pay, but maybe, the commute is really long, and that’s okay. Now, before I go any further here, it’s best to remember that these shifts are in no way negative, in fact, it’s life throwing you curve balls, and weaving those patterns so you can grow, and learn whatever you’re supposed to, so you can bring it into the new season.

Now you may notice the shifts start to get worse, perhaps more workload you didn’t expect? the role hasn’t become something you like anymore? Again, remember these shifting moments are like training wheels for the next season in your life. These shifts can start to become uncomfortable, stack on top of each other sometimes, maybe make you feel like you took the wrong direction in the beginning, creating doubt.

We almost get to a point where we can feel worthless or like our world is collapsing in on itself, feel tight, or push heavily against the grain to keep afloat, but suddenly, one door closes and a new one opens.

Opening & Closing Doors

I’m finally at home, sitting in my car with a grin on my face. Sure that was probably some of the worst traffic, and I’m still thinking about the cracker of a day I’ve just had, but things were different. Life is preparing me, like it has countless other times, for a shift, and boy oh boy, doors are going to open and close at any moment.

Your mind is good at seeing these shifts as terrifying, I mean, your brain is just trying to protect you right? change is scary. Always keep in mind though, when we notice these shifts, these encroaching, almost uncomfortable moments in time, they are all for a reason.

Instead of resisting, lean into it, listen to your body and perhaps, just maybe, life is turning a sharp corner towards bigger, and greater things.

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All the best in health,
Former Drinker & Clinical Nutritionist
Stephen Brumwell.