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Quitting booze and the best time to quit alcohol and get sober

Quitting Booze And The Best Time To Do It

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How do we know when we’re ready to quit alcohol? When is the best time to do it? How do we know when quitting booze is the right time, and we can finally get sober for good?

Having an addiction to booze can be crippling, and often finding the right time to quit can be a difficult task in itself. Although we may try time and time again, all of our attempted failures are usually a build-up, a collection of experimental learning curves to finding the right time to stop.

In this article, we will discuss the various factors in determining the right time in quitting booze, although the brutal truth is, you sometimes have to walk the path of sobriety failure before reaching sobriety success.

Quitting booze when you’re ready

When you first notice that your relationship with alcohol may not be a healthy one, you often attempt to pivot. Perhaps you put rules into place or quit for a short time in your effort to snuff out the growing flame of addiction.

Quitting this early is, unfortunately, almost impossible. You are not ready, and have not battled through the deep and darkest trenches of addiction to really learn the true nature, or grasp that addiction has on you.

You’re still learning

Our attempts to quit, only to relapse again and again, are an opportunity to learn.

Relapse is almost a rite of passage when it comes to us addicted individuals, a mandatory learning curve where we must fall, and fall hard before we can really quit.

When we’re learning, things tend to be a little foggy. The fog can be often disguised as fear, doubt or purely the unknown what the future holds when we truly quit.

The rock bottom

Most often, when we hit our rock bottom, which I also like to refer to as “the ultimatum”, the fog finally clears.

Rock bottoms are unique to everyone, but it can often be as simple as being sick and tired of being sick and tired. My rock bottom had booze stopping me from getting married to the love of my life, and eventually, a beautiful baby boy, and I couldn’t let that happen.

When we can see clearer, we understand the true reason and empowerment of quitting, and how better our life can be without booze. We push away the fear, we seek help, get accountable, and finally remove the grasp that alcohol has had on our life.

The Takeaway

The true take away is, I can never tell you when the best time is, as it’s unique to you.

You must battle your storms, be open to learning from them, pick yourself back up multiple times, and eventually come to the realisation that booze is life-limiting.

Without battling my storms and going to what seemed like a lifetime of torture, I would have never started Clarity, found my life purpose and gained the best superpower ever, and that’s sobriety.

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All the best in health,
Former Drinker & Clinical Nutritionist
Stephen Brumwell.

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