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How Clarity Makes Money


This blog started out of a passion to help others live a life without addiction, and while it is only maintained on a part-time basis, it takes a fair amount of time to do so.

To continue to support it and bring new resources, the website is monotised in many ways to generate income, including:

1. Automatic Ads

These ads are delivered by Google AdSense, and these are often ads I cannot control. If you see anything offensive or inappropriate, please click the “report ad” button, this will help us out.

2. Affiliate Links or Codes

Various links to products or discount codes are shown throughout most articles on this website. By clicking these links or using the discount codes, you support this website to continue to produce quality content.

Please note, Clarity only selects brands that align with the company, and products are never selected purely based on profit. 

3. Sponsors

Some brands may be shown as ongoing sponsors from time to time, you may see them as promotional posts, links, or found in our Sober Tips Newsletter. Clarity does its best to disclose this partnership, and will only ever partner with brands that align with the values of the company. 

How Can I Further Support This Page?

If you would like to quickly support this page – Shout me a coffee here! This allows you to make a small donation.

We are also looking for guest content, and podcast interviewees for our upcoming podcast – Confessions of a former drinker.

If you are interested in either of the above, reach out to us and let’s connect!

Anything Else You Should Know?

Stephen Brumwell is the Head Writer and Founder of Clarity, but also leads the operation of Supplements Central and UM Sports Australia.

You may notice some of these companies are used as an affiliate or sponsored links, and this is often done because product quality is easily verified. Stephen is also able to reach out to these teams directly, ensuring the delivery service and price remains at a high standard.

Please note none of the recommendations on this website are designed to conflict with the writing structure of Clarity. Products are only ever recommended if they meet high quality standards, and can compliment the content of the website. 

Of course, if there are any questions or concerns – Please reach out.

How do I know if addiction is really an issue for me?

The burning question in the mind of every potential addict.

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