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Welcome to Clarity Natural Health.

Our Story

Clarity is a small business founded by Stephen Brumwell that was brought to life through a deep passion and career-turning love for natural medicine. In Stephen’s early years, he found a great interest in health and fitness, and although after investing years into his career of graphics and web development, felt a greater pull towards the world of natural health.

Over the years Stephen encountered many struggles, including a deep-seated battle with addiction, although this did not shake his new found passion, if anything,  it further ignited the flame. After successfully completing his Nutritional Medicine Degree, Stephen made it his mission to help others with similar battles, share his knowledge of nutrition and integrate traditional and modern holistic practice methods to help people live longer better lives.

Our Belief

We believe in providing realistic, natural treatment protocol solutions through a range of traditional and modern holistic practice methods, this is the key to producing long-lasting results.

Our Method

We take the natural approach through holistic practice combined with evidence-based techniques and treatment methods. Holistic practice takes a very systematic “deep dive” into an individual’s complete health history, lifestyle habits, dietary habits, emotional states and much more to help us really understand the bigger picture, the root cause of one’s health concerns.

We integrate a range of traditional and modern practice methods to help us gather a deeper understanding of various body systems. These methods help us connect the dots and guide us towards the best possible treatment plan for you.

Tongue Diagnosis

Parts of the tongue relate to certain parts of the body, and in Traditional Chinese Medicine, the quality of your tongue can reflect certain organs. Some tongue qualities we look for include Shape, Tongue Colour and Tongue Coating.

Dietary Analysis

 What you put into your body determines how you feel, and sometimes this method can be very detailed in our consultations. From fluids to solids, additives, spices, qualities, and types of food, all of this can make a huge impact on your day-to-day well-being.


 Iridology has been used as a health screen tool since ancient Egyptian times to understand the strengths and weaknesses of one’s body. The Iris has a deep connection to the bodies physical, mental and emotional state and is a unique reflection of a persons genetic inheritance.

Integrative Pathology

Through ground-breaking technology and modern science, we believe in using Advanced pathology testing to provide a more detailed and thorough understanding of various biological processes.

Biohacking Protocols

We look into providing realistic self-improvement protocols through a systems-thinking approach to your own biology, what you put into your body can have an enormous impact on your life. We want to provide simple solutions you can integrate into your lifestyle that “hack” the way you feel.


Natural Medicine Supplements

Although we strongly believe in dietary changes first, sometimes we need that additional support through natural medicine supplements. Clarity believes in evidence-based practice and prescribes accordingly.

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