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Using Functional Music to Improve Focus, Enhance Relaxation, Recharge Your Battery And Hack Your Mental State

Using Functional Music to Improve Focus, Enhance Relaxation, Recharge Your Battery And Hack Your Mental State

Article At A Glance:

One thing I have been using a lot recently to take control of my own mental state, getting into a state of flow and hack my meditation practice is a lovely website and app known as Brain.FM (Available for iOS and Android!).

What is Brain.FM?

Brain.FM draws on neuroscience and perceptual psychology to design music specifically formulated for the brain. This auditory stimulus uses neural oscillations, also known as brainwaves to influence the synchronising activity of neurons, and over time, ongoing oscillations can be used to either improve cognition, increase performance or enter a more deeply relaxed state.

Interestingly enough though, Brain.FM uses patented Artificial Intelligence technology to arrange and combine various melodies, harmonies, sound designs and instrumental choices to produce sustainable mental state-altering music[1].

Creating Better Focus and “Flow State”

Brain.FM uses various strategies to actively pursue the removal of sounds that divert our attention. This is done through the removal of sharp or jagged sounds, smoother auditory or instrumental changes, and practically anything that is considered “attention-grabbing”.

Other key considerations that Brain.FM’s “Focus” focuses on are:

  • Is there a potential for music to be ignored through human habituation?
  • Can a persons auditory location manipulate visual focus and attention?
  • Will an individuals history with particular sounds reduce effectiveness?

I personally use Brain.FM’s “Focus” when I’m sitting down for a solid writing session or really need to tunnel in my focus, I have also noticed over time it has allowed me to increase my focus naturally.

Enter A Better State of Relaxation & Deep Sleep

According to Brain.FM, slow-wave sleep (commonly associated with deep sleep) is the hardest stage of sleep to achieve [2]. The brain consistently uses auditory cues while you sleep to keep an “ear” out for danger, putting sound in a position to powerfully influence your sleep quality, if used correctly.

There are various points that Brain.FM take into account to ensure that the slow oscillation sounds they produce can effectively and consistently improve sleep and relaxation, including

  • Low-wave frequencies that cause a direct enhancement on slow-wave sleep.
  • Consistent relaxing auditory events free of gaps or interference’s that would usually cause alertness or waking.
  • Unique, “slow swinging” sounds that rock between the ears.
  • Non-white noise like, gently engaging sounds to melt away the clutter of the mind

Brain.FM offers some unique Relaxation sub-categories that I use almost every day. I use their “Meditation” for almost all my meditation sessions, and their unique “Recharge” when I want to squeeze in a quick nap, recharge my body and hack my productivity.

Commonly I also combine Magnesium supplementation to my Brain.FM relaxation routine, something also very critical to engaging your Parasympathetic (Rest & Relaxation) Nervous System and optimising the stress response.

Interested in trying out Brain.FM?

Visit this link and use code “Clarity” for 20% OFF!


if you’re looking to take control of your mental state and improve the way you function and feel, Brain.FM is can do just that.

Whether you’re looking to:

  • Super-charge your focus, performance and cognition.
  • Reach deeper states of sleep and improve your recovery.
  • Reduce stress and upgrade your meditation practice or
  • Hack your mid-day nap game and recharge the battery faster.

I highly recommend trying out Brain.FM. Full disclosure it’s not free, but significantly cheap and worth the dollars. They even offer a few free listens to see if its right for you.

Additionally, if you want to read more, a full article of the science behind it can be found here, which also lists various studies and a paper on the theory and process.

Until next time,

All the best in health,
Stephen Brumwell.



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