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Addiction Relapse: The Importance of Failure in Long-term Sobriety

Addiction Relapse: The Importance of Failure in Long-term Sobriety

I use to be a guy that always made up stories in my mind, created false information that I wasn’t good enough, and it often pulled me deeper into addiction relapse and depression.

My blackout nights, brutal hangovers, and countless times of not turning up to work were viewed as failures in my life.

The truth is though; these were all stepping stones towards success, and eventually, a limitless addiction-free life.

Failure comes many times before success

We all want to achieve something, to be successful, perhaps start a business, or in this instance, have our last addiction relapse.

The downside is, throughout this heroic quest of life, we try so hard to avoid failure, to avoid relapse, we live in constant fear of failure.

These situations of failure tend to deviate our minds towards regret, sorrow, and shame as if all our attempts for a successful sobriety were for nothing.

This is absolutely wrong.

Failure is our stepping stone towards success

I’m here to tell you that every addiction relapse you have ever had was for a reason, think of it as field research.

Every time we make a mistake, it’s like our internal compass gets nudged ever so slightly in the right direction.

Failures are defining moments in our attempts towards greater success, our ability to take action, no matter the consequences

Many entrepreneurs have failed, failed, and failed again, continually pushing through the storm, until they reached the center. Now, why only the center? Because the storms of life are never gone, but you can build on that internal stronghold to become more resilient against them.

Remember how far you’ve come

Remember those moments where you probably stumbled and fell off the wagon? Gave into that addiction relapse? You probably beat yourself up about it right?

Look back, and see these moments as opportunities, and not only the ones in the past but what’s to come.

Don’t get me wrong; in the moment of failure, it can be hard to shift that mindset towards that flickering light of positivity.

Practice makes perfect, and keep reminding yourself that your failures do not define you, and rather strengthen you towards opening the doors of greater success.

The Takeaway

When you’re experiencing situations of failure, take the time to stop, even just for a moment.

Find at least one thing you can learn from, because in every failed situation, every addiction relapses, there’s a positive light.

Eventually, you’ll stack the deck in your favour, quit your addiction for good, and be able to integrate core habits for long-term sobriety or understand key nutrients in addiction recovery.

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